Where God Wants Us to Be

Linda Pitts
Linda Pitts is a third year MDiv student at Union Presbyterian Seminary.

I believe evangelism is simply sharing my faith with others. More specifically it is sharing my faith in God, in the salvation given through Christ, and in the work of the Holy Spirit in my life. Mostly it is sharing how important and special God is to me, sharing about times when I have experienced God’s presence and love, how I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that God is with me, now and forever, through everything life brings, and how life would be meaningless without God in it.

I envision evangelism as a continuum of behaviors or methods; at one end might be standing on a street corner proclaiming the truth of the Gospel, and at the other end might be demonstrating the love of Christ each day through your attitude, words, and actions. Some forms of evangelism are more expressive or overt and others are more subtle. One method is not better than or more correct than another, and we do not have to use only one method when we share our faith. When I think about where I am on the continuum I tend to identify the places where I feel most comfortable, but that may not be where I need to be. I should be asking where God wants me to be, and where God wants me to be is not always where I am most comfortable.

I may be most comfortable with the more subtle forms of evangelism, demonstrating my faith through my actions, words, and attitudes, or sharing my faith with family or friends. However in my work in ministry I am called to share my faith and the gospel message through teaching, preaching, and interactions with the congregation and the community. I may also be given the opportunity to be with individuals who are in pain, afraid, or grieving, and in need of God’s love and hope in their lives. Each of these experiences is a form of evangelism; at times they may feel comfortable to me and at other times they may feel more difficult. But, as I am involved in each experience I trust God to walk with me and give me the faith to take the steps I need to take even when I am uncomfortable.

Consider this: when we have something exciting happen in our lives we can’t wait to tell others. Evangelism is sharing the exciting news of God in our lives with others.

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